“Contextualizing Challenges in Criminology and Criminal Justice in Asia”


Joint Meeting of the
Executive Committee and the Supervisory Committee

Setsuo Miyazawa
Presiding Officer
ACS President



1. Introduction of Participants

2. Reports

(1) Financial Report: Treasurer Ruohui Zhao
      (assisted by Administrative Assistant Xiaoxiang Wang)

(2) Publication of the Newsletter: Newsletter Editor John Scott

(3) Publication of the Website: Website Editor Michael H. Fox

(4) Presentation of the 12th Annual Meeting:

    By: General Secretary Shin’ichi Ishizuka

 3. Discussion, Deliberation and Ratification by the Executive Board

(1) Venue of the 13th Annual Meeting

(2) Presentation and Deliberation on the Proposed
      ACS Country/State Chapter Creation/Affiliation

4. Discussions and Decisions by the Supervisory Board
     By: Chuen-Jim Sheu.

5. Other Matters

6. Adjounment


Dinner will be hosted by Gerry Cano.

Expected Attendees:

Setsuo Miyazawa
ACS President 2019-21

Members of the Executive Board
John Scott (VP & Newsletter Editor)
Wai Ting Cheung (VP)
R. Thilagaraj (VP)
Ruohui Zhao (Treasurer)
Xuan Chen
Yuet-Wah Cheung
Shin’ichi Ishizuka (Secretary General)
Xiaomei Liu
Jing Zhang
Hua-Fu Hsu

Members of the Supervisory Board
Chuen-Jim Sheu (Chairman; Immediate Past President)
Ni (Phil) He (Vice Chairman)
Kaicheng Huang
Minoru Yokoyama
Tzu-hsing Chen


Members of the General Assembly
Jianhong Liu (Chairman; Founding President)
Tit Wing Lo (Vice Chairman)
Hua Zhong (Vice Chairman)
Jin Cheng (Vice Chairman)
Hongwei Zhang
S. Latha
Spencer De Li
Lili Gong
Pathmanathan Sundramoorthy
Wing-Cheong Chan
Oliver Chang
Jeeva Niriella
Yugang Chang
Belraj Chauhan


Administrative Secretaries
Yuka Nagaoka (Mailing Lists Administrator)
Michael H. Fox (Website Editor)
Xiaoxiang Wang (Member Registration & Fee Payment)
Shan Cui
Honglan Shuai


Invited Participants
Gerry Cano
Moulin Xiong
Peter Grabosky
Ramil G. Gabao


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