“Contextualizing Challenges in Criminology and Criminal Justice in Asia”

23-26 JUNE 2019
Cebu City


Conference Session Chair and Presenter’s Guide


Area/Subject Matter of the Conference

  • Drugs and Drug Rehabilitation
  • Juvenile Justice System
  • Criminal Justice System, Punishment, Sentencing and Alternatives
  • Crime Prevention, Policing and Law Enforcement
  • Jails, Prisons and Community-Based Corrections
  • Criminological Theories, Women Offenders and Victimology
  • Forensics and Cyber Crimes
  • Security and Safety
  • Environmental/Ecological Crimes, Terrorism and Transnational Crimes


The Session Chairperson

  • The session chairperson in each Area/Subject matter shall convene five (5) minutes before the slated time;
  • The chairperson must arrive at the session room in advance to check and greet the presenters, delegates, participants and attendees. Ensure that the room is set up properly, and that the audio-visual equipment is in place and functional;
  • The session chairperson shall inform the delegates, participants and attendees of the subject matter and introduce the presenters including their titles and institutional affiliation;
  • There will be four (4) sessions per subject matter for the entire conference. Each session is 120 minutes which shall include the presentation of the study of the presenters and the question and answer;
  • The session chairperson shall equally divide the time allocation for each presenter including the question and answer;
  • Politely the chair shall notify the presenter of the remaining time left for his presentation;
  • When the announced presentations have been completed, invite questions and
  • comments from the delegates;
  • The chairperson shall moderate the question and answers portion of the session;
  • Adjourn the session promptly at the announced time;
  • If for some reason the presenter was not able to present, he/she can only be accommodate the last session of the conference, Provided, prior approval has been secured by the organizing committee.


The Session Presenters

  • Please bring your own laptop and connector for the projector;
  • Limit your presentation to maximum of 10 minutes;
  • Be there at the designate session room 15 minutes before the slated session time;
  • If, for some reason, you are unable to attend your session as scheduled, please talk to your session chair.